The REVEAL project explores our unique and authentic identity, causing young women to challenge the lies that culture and media purport about their beauty and value. It’s “ladies only” for these life altering workshops presented in small groups, large assembly. or mother/daughter events. Materials are presented differently for Middle School and High School levels.

In this workshop we explore:

  • Media: “The Not So Reality Show’
    Dressing for respect, class, and modesty
    How differently guys are designed
    My unique strengths, talents and gifts
    My personality and temperament
    Healthy relationships and communication
    Self confidence and social grace
    Body image, nutrition, and eating disorders
    Outside topics focus on embracing, accepting, and accentuating our God given natural beauty with color analysis, body shapes, and hair & wardrobe tips to “love the skin you’re in”!



Pre-scheduled Dates & Registration

Experts and employers agree that ‘soft’ skills are a key marker that sets you apart from the crowd. Prepare yourself for success in every arena in life; personal, academic, and career. Students who desire to enter the world with assured confidence will enjoy developing their people skills in these dynamic workshops. Guy and Gals in grades 8-12 Excellent for youth groups, camps, public, private, and home schools.

Increase your influence and effectiveness, acquire the ‘social graces’ that draw people to you and put them at ease:

  • "Netiquette" and Tech-NOTs
  • Presentation and Public Speaking
  • Professional Dress & Appearance
  • Manners for Millennials
  • Communication 101
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Collaborating Across Generational Lines

Parents and educators know that social skills play a critical role in how a child develops self-respect, character, relationships and leadership abilities. Throughout this exciting, interactive day, each student will add a few choice nuggets to their toolbox that will inspire confidence, building a greater awareness of others and how to get along in the world with more social ease.