Frequently Requested Topics

Soft Skills in Business & Life
Gain the edge in a competitive market.  Experts agree that 'soft skills' are the key marker that sets you apart. Anyone can cultivate these critical 21st century skills.

Popular topics include:

  • Netiquette and Tech-NOTs
    Presentation and Public Speaking
    Professional Dress & Appearance
    Mastering the Generational Differences
    Excellence in Customer Sales and Service
  • Interpersonal Communications; Verbal and Non-verbal Cues
  • Interviewing Skills
    New Hire Training

Embracing Four Generations
Never before in history have four such distinct generations dwelt together. Is it possible to understand, appreciate, and even collaborate across these extreme differences?

Popular topics include:

  • New Generational Differences
  • Current Research on Brain Development
  • How to we make the most of their strengths?
  • How do we parent and teach this generation?
  • Unity and Collaboration. Is it possible?

Youth Culture
Teens years are filled with significant crossroads and decision making. A desire to find REAL answers to the tough questions is met with TRUTH, sensitive, but factual.

Popular topics include:

  • Young Women's Issues; Self Image, Eating Disorders, Nutrition
  • Dressing for Respect: Modesty and Why
  • What is the Opposite Sex Thinking? 
  • How is Their Brain Different Than Mine?
  • Leadership: Will You Lead or Follow the Herd?
  • Hard Choices - Setting Boundaries
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Marriage, Parenting & Family
The core relationships in life are the most powerful, adding great joy and great challenge in every season.

Popular topics include:

  • Power Tools: Secret Keys to Communication
  • What Love Language Do You Speak?
  • How Do You Parent Gen Y and Live to Tell About it?
  • Does Your Marriage Suffer From Kid-Centricity?
  • The Intimate Marriage You Dream About

Workshops & Courses

Discuss Full Day, Half Day or Series Options

Youth Summer 'CAMP' Options 2013

The Dance of Marriage Retreat

Women's Retreats

Keynote Speaker & Prayer Ministry: Individually tailored to your needs. Tracy can deliver a compelling theme or dovetail with yours.

"Mothers and Others"  Reveals God's nurturing side in a new way.

"Leaving It All Behind"  Tracy's powerful testimony moves hearts toward deeper healing and surrender to Father's plan and purpose for their life.

'What's In a Name?" This retreat will change your identity forever.

"Doormat, Dominate, or Dancer?"  Revisit scriptural femininity.

"Who's Your Daddy?"  The relationship that drives our lives.