"Tracy’s training is unique and refreshing because she is so genuine, transparent, and relatable. Tracy has a wonderful sense of humor which adds even more value to her messages. People love to laugh while they learn.  Tracy is a passionate believer in her topic. She authentically lives daily by her beliefs and principles. Therefore, when she communicates, there is great power in her words which then motivates and stirs people to action."  

Rhonda L. Anderson, Creative Memories Co-Founder


"You were excited and enthused about your subject and connected with each audience member by addressing her need.  You were able to gain immediate rapport and sustain attention. I also noted that you were able to quickly brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas which inspired your audience to stretch to even higher goals."  

Pat Arent, CM Executive Director


"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, energy and enthusiasm with our FACS teachers last week.  Your presentation on Generation Y was well received and oh so timely!   I look forward to working with you again soon."    

Judy Johnson, Curriculum Director District 728


"I have had the opportunity to observe Tracy Palmer in the classroom and her interactions with students at our school. Tracy has demonstrated the kind of enthusiasm, energy and "outside the box" thinking that it takes to prepare students for the real challenges and opportunities facing our world.  In my years as an educator and a corporate marketing executive, I know that it takes a certain skill set to be able to articulate solutions, create understanding and inspire people to dream. Tracy Palmer has all three of these qualities and that is why I would highly recommend her to any organization, company or school." 

Bob Freeh, Assistant Director, Spectrum High School


"Tracy teaches with a tone and style of familiarity in her voice, expressions and gestures while adding humor that makes the listeners feel as if she has known them as close neighbors forever! Her disarming style allows her audience to relax and feel like they are sipping on a cup of coffee and having a personal conversation with an old friend. She is endearing, yet professional, transparent about her own experiences, honest and specific with a sense of permission from those she speaks to.  In one word, she is INVITING."

Karen Gilbert, Professional Christian Women’s Network, Women’s Studies Director, NL Academy


"When I think of Tracy Palmer and the power of her speaking, I think of two words... vulnerability and transparency. Tracy has the ability to make her audience feel as if they just met up with an old friend.  This in itself is an art. People learn differently, some visually, some auditory and some by repetition.  She incorporates all three in her presentations to make them interesting, humorous and relevant."

Sue Pelto, Lay Counselor, Ministry Team Leader, Hope Community Church

"Tracy, Tracy, Tracy... Oh how you blessed us at the retreat!  Thank you really doesn't begin to tell the story.  We look forward to new adventures with you and hope that you will know the light you left on our path."

Julie K. Women’s Ministry Director, Church of Hope E.R.

Unique Projects

"When I think of Tracy Palmer, I think of lively, intelligent, provoking and heartfelt messages.  I also think of inspiring words that are tied to values we need to be reminded of - integrity, civility and living uplifted, positive lives.  She is a high spirited woman of strong faith and compassion.  Tracy reaches her audiences in a profound way because she speaks from personal experience while her themes and stories are universal.  In today's serious, complex world, we need to listen to Tracy Palmer.  She is eloquent, funny and relevant all at the same time, a rare combination!” 

Susan Iida-Pederson, Trainer, Coach, Founder, “Choose Joy”


"Many people can articulate fresh ideas, but few with the consistent passion that Tracy Palmer does. Her ability to win over an audience, tailor her message to create buy-in, and still be deeply personal, is a rare gift. My experiences working with her have proven that she is able to stay acutely on task in the most chaotic situations. She's the person you want representing your company, branding and messaging.”

Wes Thomsen,
Project Manager, Editor, North American Membership Group
Owner White Knuckle Media, Award winning director

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